Club activities


General activities indoors at The Yard that we do not seek consent for – under 13s:

Assessed as low risk with appropriate supervision or other precautions (please see our risk assessment):

Low risk with low levels of supervision: Using water-based paint, water-based pens \ markers, PVA glue, clay, other non-toxic materials, blunt tipped scissors, making jewellery, taking photographs, using chalks, string, face painting, access to the dressing up box, hide and seek in the dark, access to our mini library of books for young people, using musical instruments.

Low risk with high level\continuous adult supervision: Use of permanent markers, glass paint, emulsion paint, nail art, sharp tipped scissors, staples, games on crash mats, giant jenga, marshmallow towers, any games involving food, musical chairs, discussions about emotions or behaviour, use of musical instruments.

Cooking activities on Wednesdays involve mixing and preparing ingredients but NOT access to the kitchen. On Tuesdays, access to the kitchen may be granted to young people for a specific activity, on a maximum ratio of 5 young people to 1 adult.

Requiring continuous low level adult supervision: dancing to moderately loud music in the club room, group access to music videos on the internet, access to the internet on computers, console gaming.

Our November indoor fireworks activity which will be located next to a large extractor fan and heavily supervised.

Leaving The Yard – what we do not seek consent for (as set out in our Trips and Seeking Parental Consent policy)

Between late spring and early autumn (to take advantage of better weather and daylight) we aim, weather permitting, to spend an hour during every Wednesday session at the Sentry for organised sports and\or use of the play equipment. We will not seek your consent unless we are planning a specific activity that requires it, as set out in our policy. Trips to the Sentry require a minimum of two adults plus Senior Helpers.

We will also not seek consent for the occasions that we plan activities that take us out to the centre of Moreton (to the square). Such activities will be in groups and each group will be supervised by two adults or briefed Senior Helpers. Each group will have a mobile phone and will not go more than three minutes walk away from The Yard. If you wish for your consent to be obtained before such an activity please contact the Senior Youth Worker.

We will not seek consent for Junior Helpers to walk to the Co-op and back in groups of 2-3.

Leaving The Yard at the end of the evening

For young people aged 12 and under, we will assume that you or another member of their family or trusted adult will collect them before the session finishes, unless you tell us otherwise. If a young person has parental permission to go home by themselves \ with friends or siblings, that is fine. (If a young person who is usually collected leaves The Yard without an adult, we will phone you.)

We will seek parental consent for Junior sessions (age 8-12) for:

water-based activities such as water fights;
any outdoor activities planned to take place in the dark;
any activities outside normal Youth Club session hours or requiring transport.

On Tuesdays for ages 11 and over we will not seek consent for young people who wish to go to the Sentry or Co-op in a group.

However should they wish to go further they will be asked if they want to “sign themselves out” at which point a youth support worker would then make a phone call to you. WE MUST HAVE A WORKING PHONE NUMBER ON WHICH TO CONTACT YOU.

For Seniors 13+ we do not seek consent:

for cooking activities for members age 13+ which may involve supervised access to the cooker, toaster, microwave and kettle in the kitchen
for Seniors to leave the building once they have signed in;
for Seniors to take part in low-risk water-based activities such as a water fight.

We will seek consent for Seniors for trips or activities that include transport by car or minibus, and activities outside normal Youth Club session hours such as a sleepover.