Club policies: info for parents

You can view all our policies on About the club/Our policies and you are very welcome to get in touch using the contact details here if you have any questions or comments.

  • We have effective Child Protection, Confidentiality and Equality and Diversity policies in place
  • Club activities are risk assessed, and we have clear guidance about when we seek your consent.
  • MAY recruits all staff and regular volunteers safely and ensures staff and volunteers receive training, including Level 2 Safeguarding, certified first aid (Paediatric \ EFAW) and safe food handling training
  • Keep “open doors” during session times where possible, and a policy of no lone working.
  • sign young people in when they arrive to the sessions, and have a missing person policy
  • we will keep all personal details and reports confidential and secure as per obligations under the Data Protection Act.

We also need parental support to offer a safe, happy youth club. When a young person registers as a member, as a parent \ carer, you agree that:

  • You will give us the contact details of adult\s who are responsible for that young person
  • That a responsible adult will always be available through those contact details
  • You will tell us about any medical or other requirements young people may have
  • You agree that, if she or he wants to, your child can take part in normal club activities, including going to the Sentry in daytime, unless you tell us otherwise.
  • That if your child behaves in a way that may put others at risk, could be upsetting, or give offence: we have your permission to ask your child to change his or her behaviour
  • Children under 12 will be collected by a responsible adult, unless you tell us otherwise.

Clothing – ages 12 and under

  • Your child’s clothes should be suitable for crafts \ painting \ cooking
  • Your child needs comfortable shoes during club sessions (slip-on are best)
  • On Wednesdays in May–September, your child has coat\jumper to take to the Sentry.

Photo permission update – all ages

  • Unless you have said otherwise on your child’s registration form or verbally at any time, from April 2016 we will assume that the club has permission to use photos, which may identifiably include your child, to evidence the club’s activities.

What we agree with the young people – all ages

  • there is a clear expectation of behaviour to maintain a healthy and safe club together
  • we will all take responsibility for our own behaviour
  • young people can talk to us about anything, and discussions are confidential unless the young person agrees information can be shared; or there is a child protection concern – see the relevant policies.

What we cannot do:

  • give more than basic first aid (ice, plasters, rest) unless there is an emergency
  • cuddle a young person if they get upset
  • give medication or permission for medical treatment in the event that a doctor or ambulance has to be called (you must be contactable).

If you have questions, comments or thoughts on how this policy or how we work can be improved, please let us know.