Giant bubbles

Making giant bubbles was surprisingly simple! Our recipe for giant bubbles came from Instructables here. There is a short video of the bubbles on our Facebook page.


6 cups water (distilled is best, used tapwater)
1/2 cup green Original Fairy Liquid
1/2 cup cornflour
1 tbsp baking powder (not baking soda)
1 tbsp Glycerine


You will also need a bucket and at least two wands for a group; for each wand you will need:

2x 12mm dowel cut into 45 cm lengths (with pilot hole drilled in the top)
1x 45cm & 1x 90cm pieces of double braided cotton piping (we had some braided nylon string at home that we used instead, which worked fine)
2 x Screw Eyes 30mm Pack – £0.18
1 x Washer (eg M10)

Excellent how-to instructions here


DSCF1255 … mix your ingredients together in a bucket. It seems to get stronger the longer you leave it before use. The above recipe was enough for twelve young people to share with two wands for an hour.


Give the young people the mixture… and be ready with a camera! Dip the wand in the bucket, pull it out slowly, keeping the loop open, and walk backwards. The best weather for bubbles is not windy and slightly overcast.