Funky fruit

Apples are sweet, juicy and yummy and contribute to the vitamins and minerals you need. These are tools that turn apples into a crunchy, nibbly pre-chopped snack.

These are brilliant! They both apple slicer\corers (Google “apple slicer corer” for more pics of both). The one on the left cost about £4.50 and is quite fun, it makes nice chunks of apple.


The “machine” type one in the centre is basically a blade on a screwthread with a handle. You turn the handle and it turns apples into a cored, peeled, thinly sliced spiral – endlessly fascinating and you can eat the spiral bits! A small group will have fun with this for ages (you will need at least one apple per person plus three or four extra for a group). It is well worth it and cost £8.99 with postage from Ebay.

Before you start:
1. Wash your hands
2. Be careful of the sharp prong you put the apple on (an adult should do this bit if young people are under 11) and do not cut yourself on the peeling blade or have an accident when taking the core off!
3. Make sure you know how to carefully (it is sharp) reset the peeling blade when finished by pulling it back to the start.
4. Do not waste anything
5. At the end, tidy up!

We received funding from Devon Youth Services and Moretonhampstead Parish Council for these items – thank you.