Youth club forms

Registration forms for young people. You can pick one up at the youth club but they are below in case it’s easier to print them. Your parent or guardian needs to sign one of these so you can take part in youth club activities!

Why we ask for information and what we do with it

  • We ask for your details so we can get in touch with you during sessions if needed.

  • We ask for relevant medical and health information to help us meet everyones needs and plan safe sessions.

  • We may use anonymised postcode, age, gender, ethnicity or health data of our members as evidence of youth club membership in reports or applications for funding. However, we would NOT do so if young people or families could be identified from this.

All personal details are filed securely in a locked filing cabinet at The Yard in paper form only. We never share contact details with anyone without consent, unless we would be breaking the law not to do so.

MAY Registration form Juniors age 8-12

MAY Registration form Seniors age 13+

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